Leftists Are NOT Going to Let These Supreme Court Decisions Stand

Here’s the thing: You can celebrate Supreme Court wins. But they don’t matter as much as you think they do. The people in charge of our government, and our culture, are irrational, amoral and lawless. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT SUPREME COURT DECISIONS. They only care about imposing their will. You can see this plainly. When you question the presence of “2,000 mules” (backed up by hard, video evidence) showing up at mail-in voter mailboxes with sacks full of votes (all of them for Biden) at 3 am throughout the country, you’re called an “insurrectionist.” If you even challenge a government policy or court decision that THEY like on social media, you’re shut down and threatened. But the moment there’s an election result or court decision THEY don’t like, they’re suddenly true insurrectionists themselves.

And, in either case, they’re violent and amoral. The Democrat supporters you know personally are, for the most part, not like this. But they’re evading the fact that the mobsters they have put in charge of us ARE like this. This is Nazi Germany all over again, only with less excuse and (my prediction) ultimately far worse in the damage they will do.

It’s almost hilarious to watch people like Whoopi Goldberg scream about how people are free to live their lives, and how the government should take its hands and laws off their bodies. Where were these points when the government was forcing experimental jabs manufactured by unaccountable corporatists on people? Where are these arguments when government shows up to take your guns, or your income? Where are these arguments when the federal government justifies doing WHATEVER THE HELL IT WANTS in the name of fighting a now totally nonfatal flu virus? Where are these arguments when Black Lives Matter or Antifa terrorists burn down your store or home because you’re unfortunate enough to live in a Democrat-run city?

The fact is: You have no rights, unless you subscribe to the Party view. (You have no choice about the Party policies). I cannot predict how leftists will get around these Court decisions, but they will. They will stack the Supreme Court, reverse these decisions that conservatives like, or they will do something. They will enlist the military and the police. They will escalate their injustice and their irrationality. You have to understand how terrorists, authoritarians and totalitarians think, feel and operate. And you have to start accepting the ugly truth, backed by all of the available evidence: We are dealing with terrorists, thugs and totalitarians here. It’s not 1980. It’s not even 1999. These are NOT your Daddy’s Democrats.

We are in a new world, and the people who control most of the government and all of the media/culture are NOT going to take these decisively conservative Supreme Court decisions on guns, prayer and abortion lying down. Not for a second. Watch as events prove me right or wrong.




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