We Keep Voting the Same Way Over & Over, Expecting Different Results

Everything is terrible. It’s getting worse.

Most agree with this statement.

The conventional answer? Vote. The premise is that voting will change everything.

How well has voting worked up to now? No answer is given. The command to “vote” is repeated. You’ll see it this fall, and again in 2024. The leftist sports stars, corporate “leaders”, sobbing leftist actresses, outraged rock stars, social media websites will all say “Vote, vote, vote.”

For whom should you vote? Communists, of course. In America, we call them “Democrats.” Vote for more Democrats. Who currently controls almost everything? Democrats. Congress, the presidency, the executive branch, most of the courts (not the Supreme Court yet), the media, the corporate world, the entertainment world.

We need “change.” Obama said it back in 2008, but they’re still saying it now. “America needs to change.” Wouldn’t that mean a total and complete overthrow of leftism?

Communists control everything. Things are terrible. They’re getting worse. The only way out? Vote for more Communists.



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