Progress is Ending in America

Everything in America is premised on the assumption that the next generation will be better off than the present one. It has always been the case, from the beginning of the country.

But the country has always been free — or at least, free ENOUGH to ensure this progress.

Today, we have people in power openly and consistently dedicated to the END of progress. Unlimited spending by government leads to inflation — even hyperinflation, which will destroy everything. When your $100 becomes worth $80, that’s inflation; when your $1000 becomes worth nothing, that’s hyperinflation. We are on that path as we speak.

“Free” everything — medical care, college, child care, retirement insurance, disability insurance — may be desirable to lazy fools and guilt-ridden billionaires; in practice, it only leads to unlimited spending, which in turn leads to unlimited inflation. You can’t escape it. Everything costs something.

On top of it all the government has promised to eliminate fossil fuels and is on track for doing so. It’s impossible to conceive how destructive and life-threatening the end of fossil fuels will be for the billions of people counting on them for their very survival (to say nothing of creature comforts, like heat and ac, that now seem like basic survival).

On our present course, the next generation — meaning YOUR children or YOUR grandchildren — is NOT going to be better off than you were. In America, this will be a first.

If we stay with not just Biden’s policies, but the policies of the Uniparty (RINOs plus DemComs) currently in power, then the next generation is going to be a lot worse off than any American generation in a long time (if ever). Millions may even die.

Can people get this through their thick, brainwashed, leftist-adulterated skulls soon enough to reverse course? I don’t know for sure; but increasingly, I fear not.



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