Leftists Unhinged (Yet Again)

All dissension is INSURRECTION. Until a leftist doesn’t get his way.


“Take Our Rights Away. We Will Disobey.” It’s a sign of a leftist protester, angry over the Roe v. Wade overturn.
Where were these signs over the last 2.5 years?
Now, liberty suddenly MATTERS?


The pro-choice group “Our Rights DC” announced they will be protesting in Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch’s neighborhood on Saturday night.

“Gorsucks tonight. Meet at 6:30pm. Carpool at 7pm. No autonomy for us, no peace for fascists. DM for info., the group tweeted.

“No autonomy for us, no peace for fascists.” Funny. That’s precisely MY attitude toward lockdowns, masks, vaxes, gun control, inflation, high gas prices, election fraud and climate change theology.


I like that!



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