Leftists: Two Losses This Week, But Still Winning the War

Lawless, totalitarian savages don’t care about Supreme Court decisions they dislike. We are still an occupied country.

The debate over abortion is not trivial; but it’s not the biggest issue today. We are dealing with bigger issues than that. Let’s start with leftists. Leftists run the culture. By “culture” I mean the media, the corporate world, the entertainment sector, the transportation sector, food, clothing — virtually everything. The left controls many state governments, all big city governments, and the entire federal government — except, it appears (for now), the Supreme Court.

The leftist reaction to two major decisions — one on guns, one on abortion — reveals their no-longer-hidden assumption: “If we don’t agree with it, it’s lawless. If we do agree with it, not only is it lawful — it may not be questioned in any way.” These are the assumptions of the crudest, most ruthless sorts of totalitarians. These are not merely authoritarians. These are the real deal — at least as bad as Hitler, Stalin and all the bloodiest totalitarians of human history. They mean business.

If you’re against abortion, you can take comfort, for a few minutes, that a few states will now outlaw it. But the bigger issue is how the left will respond. There will be riots in big cities run by leftists where the police will dutifully stand down, and the media will dutifully report, “Nothing to see here.” Dissenters will be censored on Facebook and elsewhere. We have seen it all before.

Ditto for the gun control decision handed down by the Supreme Court a day before. You can take comfort, for now, that the Supreme Court is exercising a robust defense of the Second Amendment. But RINOs and Communists in Congress have given our Communist, totally anti-Second Amendment “president” a bill to sign permitting and actively encouraging state and local governments the ability to arbitrarily determine “mental health” of citizens for purposes of taking their weapons of self-defense.

As horrible and unjust as the repeal of the Second Amendment would be (and this in effect repeals it), this is even WORSE. The precedent is now established in AMERICA that the government may arbitrarily decree that some are “mentally fit” for freedom while others are not “mentally fit.” This is PRECISELY what Hitler’s regime, Stalin’s regime, Cuba’s regime and all the other most ruthless, totalitarian regimes of history have done (and do in the present day). AND IT’S HAPPENING IN AMERICA.

So cheer Supreme Court decisions all you wish. We have much, much bigger problems on our hands. The left has won nearly all of the battles and they are winning the war. They will not tolerate even a single major defeat, much less two. If you think they were harsh during the peak of the (first) COVID fascism era, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

I continue to maintain that today’s leftists are actually worse than the worst of Hitler’s and Stalin’s henchmen. Time will prove me right or wrong. But time is running out.


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