The Discussions We Will Never Have About School Violence

It’s the things we DON’T talk about that reveal the savage dishonesty of our times. We DON’T talk about why public schools have these horrific shootings, and private schools do not. We DON’T talk about why so many students who attend these schools FEEL like doing horrific things. Graduates of private schools — Catholic, Jewish, Christian, Montessori, secular — rarely, if ever, want to do these things; yet on a regular, reliable basis, students at government-run schools do. What are the differences between government-run schools and other types of education which could explain this? Isn’t it worth investigating? Isn’t it worth researching? Or at least thinking and talking about? We do NONE of these things. And I’m not only talking about the politicians. I’m talking about the parents, who stupidly and dangerously think that you can keep doing the same thing over and over again — sending your innocent children into these dangerous settings — and expecting different results.

We’re only allowed to consider and discuss one hypothesis: Because guns are legal, these shootings happen. If guns were no longer legal, and if the government confiscated guns from law-abiding citizens only (since criminals will not comply), then the shootings will stop.

It’s not only treated as a hypothesis. It’s treated as a self-evident fact. Suggesting or even implying that other explanations or factors — aside from guns being legal — are in play is tantamount to suggesting or implying, “There is no sun in the sky”; or “The earth is flat”; or “The vaccine hasn’t been properly tested yet.” All are greeted with the same ferocious hurling of insults, threats, and intimidation.

The media will only discuss one thing: WHEN will guns be outlawed? What will it take? Can Joe just send Beto out into the country, and take care of the gun problem? HOW to end gun violence is equated with HOW to confiscate everyone’s guns. No other explanation for school violence is considered, or even permitted. That’s the definition of propaganda: The conclusion is taken as self-evident, and no mention of a debate is even recognized. Bias is different. Bias is when the media says things like, “Some people say outlawing guns will not solve the problem, while others say it’s essential; it seems that gun control is now essential.” Propaganda is when ONLY one point-of-view is articulated, and it’s taken as self-evident. We used to have media bias; today, we have intellectually destructive propaganda.

You have to wonder, since these shootings never used to happen at all in the past, and they happen with regularity in the past two or three decades. What has happened to public schools in the past two or three decades? Why didn’t any public school students do this kind of thing before, say, 1980 or 1990? And why do ONLY public school students become so despairing, and so depraved, that they feel compelled to do such a thing? The family? The teachers? The content of what students are taught? What their celebrities in the media are telling them about life, people and reality? Are those factors AT ALL? Or can it ONLY be guns?

If making a blue collar “redneck” give up his gun makes you feel good because you see it as humiliating him, then you should just admit that THIS is your primary motive. Because, you leftists out there, we know this is your primary motive. You do not care about children, and you do not care about stopping violence. If you did, you would let us have a discussion about what’s REALLY going on here.




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