Why Do BLM-Supporting Leftists Put Out the American Flag?

I see the homes of leftist people who have those “Black Lives Matter” propaganda signs in their yards. You know the ones: “In THIS house, WE believe in LOVE, SCIENCE” and all the other self-congratulatory, virtue-signaling, narcissistic claptrap.

Now, on Memorial Day weekend, those same leftists have actually put out: THE AMERICAN FLAG. I ask myself: What do such people see in the American flag? What do they value in it? Freedom? Individualism? The Constitution? The Bill of Rights? Individual rights? Jefferson, Madison, Washington — people whom their representatives today write off as white men and therefore inferior? No way. Those values and heroes are 100 percent at odds with what the leaders of Black Lives Matter espouse every single day, openly and proudly: Marxism, racism, statism, racial supremacy and totalitarian control disguised as science and deliberately mislabeled, with Orwellian glee, as “freedom”.

What these leftists see in the American flag and what I see and value in the American flag in no way correspond. We are long past the point of “Liberals and conservatives want the same things, in the end, only by a different means.” We, the patriots who remain, and these nasty leftists do not want the same things, in the end. We are 100 percent at odds, and it’s important to face and name this fact so we may proceed accordingly.

The divide is not repairable, and it is not sustainable.

Happy Memorial Day anyway. And long live the American flag — with its original and REAL meaning.



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