Public Schools are Dangerous. Defund Public Schools — NOW

The media wants us to pay attention to the bloodbath in Texas right now — to that, and absolutely to nothing else.

They want us to pay attention to it with a certain slant. The slant is, “Guns are bad. If we just outlawed guns, this wouldn’t happen.”

They don’t want us to ask any other questions, other than, “How soon can we outlaw all guns, and repeal the Second Amendment?”

These sycophants and ideologues in the media DO NOT CARE about the pain or plight of grieving parents. They care about being SEEN as if they do. They are every bit as much the actors as the people you see performing on your favorite Netflix series. Acting is an honorable profession. Media and “journalists”, as we know them, are prepetrating the greatest, most sickening fraud in all of human history.

Nobody asks the question: What’s wrong with government-run schools? Why can’t they — or won’t they — keep children safe? Private schools keep children safe. Why can’t public schools? Because government schools are going to remain dangerous, even after you demand that all peaceful, law-abiding, nonpsychotic people turn over their weapons of self-protection.

Our government takes toys off the market if half of one percent of children die while playing with them. But government-run schools are proving far, far more dangerous to children than any toy ever could. How many brutal shootings resulting in dead children have occurred in Catholic schools? Or Jewish schools? Or Montessori schools? I can’t think of even ONE single case. ALL of these shootings are happening in “gun-free zone” government-run schools.

It seems obvious: Public schools are toxic. The risk is far, far too great of sending your children to one of these monstrosities. To say nothing of the intellectual brutality committed against children every day, by saturating them with fascist, Communist, Marxist, brazenly racist, government-sanctioned propaganda.

I fail to understand why ANY parents still send their children to government-run schools. Homeschooling seems like a better option, educationally as well as eliminating the risk that your children will be mauled or murdered on a typical school day.

Public schools are the problem. They should be defunded. Parents should get tax credits for education, as a transition to a totally free market for education. We have (more or less) a free market for shoes, clothes, airlines, automobiles and groceries. Why no freedom in education?



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