Promises, Promises

Fauci says if Trump becomes President again, he will quit.

Promises, promises.

If Trump becomes President again, we hope to see Fauci JAILED.

That’s the biggest problem. None of the offenders in the Great COVID fascism and government-supported race riots of 2020 — not to mention the election fraud — have been held accountable. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM is still in office. Every single one will be “reelected”, should he or she choose to run. Fauci has been there forever, and will be there forever. He knows full well Trump will not occupy the Oval Office again. Elections are fixed, as best as they can get away with it. Fauci himself is the one who said months ago that the next COVID crisis will occur around mid- or late-September. Right in time for elections either to be cancelled, or rigged with more stay-at-home, subjective voting. Not that elections, in most places, aren’t already rigged as it is.

I keep saying: Elections are not going to solve this. Removing from power and PUNISHING all the guilty parties — Fauci first and foremost — is the only way there’s even hope of recovering from all this.

As it stands, we’re 100 percent on the opposite course. It’s sadder than I can say, to see this happen to America.




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