Who Knew the End of the World Would Look Like THIS?

We always thought the end of the world, if we lived to see it, would look something like hell, fire or brimstone. Who could have guessed that it would look like THIS?


The Disinformation Chief for the USA is @wiczipedia on Twitter. BARRAGE her with posts. Keep free speech alive.


Here you go. Right on schedule!

“It’s an oldie but a goodie: the Biden Regime is telling us to brace ourselves for a new wave of COVID coming this fall… just in time for the midterm elections. When something proves successful, you’d be a fool not to try it again, right? COVID fears led to mail-in balloting… which in turn allowed Biden to be “elected” president of the United States. Therefore, Democrats and their sycophants believe that reintroducing those fears can keep Congressional Democrats in power — against all odds. Perhaps lightning can strike twice. (Mules on your marks… get set… go!)

Without offering up any information to support the claim, a senior Biden administration official recently projected that up to 100 million Americans – nearly 1/3 of the population – could get infected with COVID-19 COVID-20 COVID-21 COVID-22 this fall and early winter if Congress doesn’t provide more funding for vaccines and other treatments. And if they are allowed to vote in person, of course.

Given the staggeringly high rate of new cases among the fully vaccinated, that might not be too far-fetched. Several so-called “experts” agreed that another major COVID wave could be around the corner due to the waning efficacy of the various COVID vaccines…” [from the American Thinker, 5/15/22]


Instead of “my body, my choice”, they should say, “my uterus, my choice”. Because Communists will give NONE of us ANY other choice over any other part of our bodies OR minds.



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