Literal or Figurative: Nancy Pelosi IS the Devil

Feminists used to say if there is a God, it’s a woman. Does it logically follow that if there is a Devil, that it’s a woman? She referred to Trump today as a “creature.” We have far less flattering names for her.

Today she stated that the Supreme Court, with Trump appointees on it, is a literal “danger” to the United States of America.

This is what they do. If you say or believe something they don’t like, they treat it as a physical assault. For years, leftists have said to dissenters: “Your views frighten me.” Now they have taken their attitude to its only possible conclusion: “Your views make you dangerous to me.” They mean PHYSICALLY dangerous. This is how they justify censorship, totalitarian medicine, mob violence and all the things yet to come. Get ready for some 21st Century America equivalent of concentration camps or gulags. Once they start calling you “dangerous”, the rest is a matter of time. Not much more time, given how bad things are starting to get.



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