More Evidence That We ARE in a Civil War

The First Amendment does NOT protect opponents of COVID fascism & election fraud from speaking their minds; but the First Amendment DOES permit domestic terrorists to storm the front porches of Supreme Court justices.

Got it?

It’s true. Fairfax County, VA, government — where some Supreme Court justices live — will NOT permit the Virginia governor (a Republican) from requiring a perimeter around the homes of Supreme Court justices to prevent left-wing snowflake terrorists from violating the personal and physical space of the justices. [reported at NEWSMAX late 5-11-22]

IMAGINE if such a policy were applied to left-wing justices. A civil war would ensue.

And, in truth, we’re already in a civil war. The left — up through and including their puppet, demented Biden — has NO boundaries. They are lawless and do not care about the rule of law applied to themselves. They only care about getting what they wish, by any means necessary, including intimidation and violence.

The Constitution is dead, because the leftists have killed it. We are at war with the leftists in America — a genuine civil war. The opponents have yet to recognize this, or to fight back. But once they do — if they ever do — the state of war that we’re in will be obvious.

This is not about abortion. That’s an important issue requiring debate. But if the rule of law — and even common decency — only applies to one side and NOT AT ALL to the other side, then we’re facing a much, much more serious issue than abortion, as important as that issue may be.

The biggest problem right now, in my view, is with the conservatives and other nonleftists. Most of us are still in a state of denial where we think that an election will fix everything. We’re dealing with terrorists here. It would be like hoping an election would fix ISIS, that we could stop ISIS from beheading people simply by voting them out of office.

DemComs are no different. They are violent and they don’t think the law applies to them. That makes them terrorists. And, sadly, that means we are at war.

If you doubt me, watch what happens when election time comes. Watch the lengths to which leftists/DemComs/”progressives” will go to ensure that they win, or perhaps even that elections get cancelled. And, if the Red Wave DOES come to pass, then watch what happens next. If you think DemComs will go quietly — or go at all — then you obviously aren’t watching how they’re behaving over this Roe v. Wade issue, and everything else for the last 2-3 years.


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