Will Joe Biden be the Next Marie Antoinette?

“Let them eat cake,” popularly though probably inaccurately attributed to Marie Antoinette in the buildup to the French Revolution. The lesson involves what happens when unaccountable, arrogant rulers offer sneers of indifference at the plight of real people whose prosperity, self-responsibility and livelihoods are thwarted by the rule of indifferent incompetents. As inflation climbs to 8 or 9 percent and gas prices go through the roof, will Joe Biden and his ruthless associates go the way of Marie Antoinette? We can only hope so!


“When the government fear the people, it is liberty.  When people fear the government, it is tyranny.”

— Thomas Paine

At this point, EVERY member of our government should be soiling him- or herself in terror. Instead, they laugh at us, decimate our prosperity, debase our currency, annihilate our Bill of Rights and plan for the next set of early morning data dumps in these mockeries we used to call elections. Shame on them; but much, much more: Shame on US for tolerating it all, and hoping we’ll wake up tomorrow and it will all be over.

It won’t be. Not without massive reversals, total resistance and removal of every one of these psychopaths from power.



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