You Can’t Believe Anyone in Government or Media — Not Any Longer

We don’t call someone a liar only if they lie 100 percent of the time. We call someone a liar because he or she does not care about the TRUTH.

A liar is at war with reality. Facts are uttered when it’s convenient. Falsehoods are uttered when it’s convenient. Crucial facts are left out when it’s convenient. For whose convenience? The liar’s.

Anyone who has been close to an addict, a narcissit or a sociopath understands. You cannot EVER believe what a liar says. Even if the liar happens to be accurate 80 or 90 percent of the time. Why? Because you cannot TRUST someone who does not care about objective truth.

That’s what we’re all facing with today’s media and government. It’s not that they’re always lying. It’s that they do not care about truth. They will say whatever needs to be said — truthful, or not — in order to maintain and expand their power over people.

We saw this with the deception over COVID that goes on to this day. We saw this with the deliberate refusal to mention the violence of the Black Lives Matter rioters and looters. We saw this with the refusal to even report on evidence of fraud in the 2020 election, and overt punishment or censorship when discussion was even contemplated.

The media and our government are liars. It’s not really a partisan issue. Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy are no better than Nancy Pelosi or Joe Biden. The longer anyone has been in government, the less you can trust them. The media is so dishonest that they’re even worse than the media under a dictatorship. Under a dictatorship, you can at least excuse the fear. Our media does not yet have to lie (and a small number of them don’t); but they lie anyway, in order to advance the sociopathic, narcissistic and financial interests of those in power.

It’s sick to the point of evil. But it’s where we are. So just as you should arm yourself literally, you also must arm yourself intellectually and psychologically — with an understanding that the people you have been trained to trust on NBC, CNN, CBS and at the White House do not value the truth, or tell the truth.

Somehow, we will have to figure out the truth for ourselves. We have the brains to do so; if only more of us would use those brains.




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