It’s No Longer Politics. We’re in an Epic Battle of Good vs. Evil

“Hell is truth seen too late.”

— Thomas Hobbes


“We don’t have inflation because we are living too well. We have it because government is living too well.”

— President Ronald Reagan


A leftist protester holds a sign saying, “I wish my mom had aborted me.”

Leftism truly is a philosophy of living death. Its proponents are, in a sense, screaming for help even as they threaten and attack reasonable people who dare to question them. You kind of have to feel sorry for leftists — except they hold all of the power, and — in their madness — want to bring us down with them.


Republicans in Congress are introducing a bill to dissolve Biden’s Disinformation Board.

We don’t need a bill to dissolve Biden’s Ministry of Disinformation. We already have a law: IT’S CALLED THE FIRST AMENDMENT.


All 22 Trump-backed candidates won GOP primaries in Ohio, Indiana and elsewhere.

Impressive. However, woke tyrants don’t interfere in GOP primaries. They save it for the general election. Well-executed and legally unchallenged fraud has given them a lock on the White House and possibly Congress. I seem to be the only person willing to consider the possibility that DemComs might retain Congress this fall. Patriots don’t want to give up; I get it. But I don’t see any of this ending peacefully. I know leftists: They will NOT give up power. We are up against American Nazis and Communists, rolled up in one horrific hybrid. So be prepared. We are not in a mere political battle. It’s an epic struggle between good and evil.




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