How Can We Stay Free if Nobody Will Fight for Freedom?

“Our country is being systematically destroyed,” President Donald Trump said. “We have a president who is challenged, but he’s surrounded by vicious, evil, and very corrupt people who are doing whatever they want to in running our country to ruin.

“With your vote this November we can stop our nation’s decline. We can make America great again.”

America is too divided. You cannot reconcile the unrelenting vicious, evil and ruthless tyranny of socialism, Green totalitarianism and virus fascism with anything like our Bill of Rights. DemComs cannot be reasoned with. We’ve got to totally defeat them, as America has defeated past enemies. After November, you’ll see what I mean.


One thing about leftists: They keep their promises. They promise to destroy America, and they have done so decisively and swiftly.

Biden is following through on his threat to use executive orders to confiscate guns.

Get ready for violent crime to go up, as we take more guns away from law-abiding people while continuing to release violent criminals to the streets. And then the elites will congratulate themselves and each other for their overwhelming virtue, and proceed to release more criminals and ban more guns. And then when elections roll around, they will cheat and ensure they remain in power.

What a glorious time to be a violent criminal!


Fauci is now saying he foresees new COVID restrictions with a supposed uptick in cases compared to a month ago.

It’s not over, and it’s never going to be over, because it’s not about health. It’s about control, and about the need of narcissists and sociopaths to feel powerful. If you think your fellow citizens will resist THIS time, then ask yourself why they didn’t resist LAST time?

I’m not sure what’s worse: The actions of tyrants and liars like Fauci; or the complacency of conservatives. “Nobody will follow the restrictions — not this time.” It’s kind of like, “Trump will come back. Don’t you worry. This is America.”

America — if by that phrase you mean “freedom” — is slipping away. The people destroying that freedom are getting away with every single action they take. None of them have lost power, and all of them are rewarded financially and psychologically for what they’re doing.

With no opposition other than in the hearts and minds of people who resent it, what reason is there to think anything will ever change? Get real. Unless or untl YOU are prepared to really fight back and practice dissension and overt resistance, things are only going to get worse.



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