It’s Not “Hate Speech” to Oppose Paying for Other People’s College Loans

The following Twitter post was blocked by LinkedIn for being “hate speech.” Apparently it’s now equivalent to advocating Hitler or the KKK to oppose student loan cancellation. Madness. Why not share this post all over LinkedIn and everywhere else? The people who accuse you of “hate speech” HATE freedom, self-reliance, free markets and personal responsibility.

I am not responsible for your student debt. I grew up in poverty in NC. Ate from a graden, name was on community Angel tree for Christmas, bought clothese from yard sales & if I was lucky, on a rare occasion Sky City.

I joined the Air Force then went to college. I made it happen. [Code of Vets @codeofvets]


The student “debt crisis” solved:

1. You took out a loan.

2. Pay it back.



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