“You will continue to suffer if you have an emotional reaction to everything that is said to you. True power is sitting back and observing everything with logic. If words control you that means everyone else can control you. Breathe and allow things to pass.”

— Bruce Lee


“The heaviest burdens that we carry are the thoughts in our head.” (Unknown)


“The obedient always think of themselves as virtuous rather than cowardly.” (The late George Carlin)


There is little you can do to make everyone like you.
Some people will see the real you, straight away.
The you with the worries, the fears, the kind heart.
Others will only see what you have that is not theirs.
Or who you have.
Or a life that sparkles a tad too brightly for their liking.
In Some People’s Story You’re An Angel, In Others You’re The Villain.
And that is pretty much that.
If you are spending any time worrying how others see you, or whether they think you are a good person or not, you are wasting precious time my friend.
Precious time that is much needed elsewhere.
Is is universal truth that you cannot please all of the people all of the time.
That in fact, the best way to get even close to this goal, is to stop trying and to just be your authentic self, with kindness.
Always with kindness.
So, if you have been hurt by an unjust representation of you in someone’s story, take comfort in the fact that it is not the truth.
And that the right people will see that.
Keep your sparkly little light shining and your people will find you.
And they will stay.
And you will never have to convince them of who you are.

–Donna Ashworth




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