The Economics of America’s Probable Breakup

Brad Polumbo on Twitter: “The national debt is a ticking time bomb. Interest on the $30T debt recalculates as interest rates go up. Interest rates have been historically low for decades now. But they’ll return to 5-10 percent–then we’ll have TRILLIONS in new taxes just to cover annual interest payments.”

Another reason the U.S. will break up. The military is already being decimated. The currency will be eaten up by inflation. So what benefit does the federal government bring to states like Florida, Texas and others who wish to be free and prosperous? No currency, no military–so why the hell put up with President Kamala or President Buttigieg, or whatever follows the failing Biden? Increasingly, the U.S. federal government is a liability. It’s sad and will be hard for us to accept. But it will happen, and has already started. Russia has responded accordingly, and China will follow by invading Taiwan. The American leftists in charge of all this destruction will not back down. They are, in fact, doubling down, and that will make a breakup inevitable. Red and blue cannot be reconciled. Perhaps the final straw will be additional election fraud or new lockdowns in 2022-2024. And then, of course, there are the deliberate attempts to start WW III…

Most are ignorant of economics and therefore fail to understand: In 2020 and 2021, economic activity massively slowed because of media and government hysteria about a mostly nonlethal virus. Instead of leaving the economy alone, the government artificially increased the demand for money when most didn’t need or want to spend much money (due to their irrational fear plus government lockdowns). When you artificially increase the supply of money at a time of historic low demand, you get inflation. And, of course, Biden’s outlawing oil production in the U.S. drove up gas prices, which in turn drives up the cost of everything. If the government stayed the hell out of economics, oil and medicine, we would all be way, way better off now.



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