America Is Mankind’s LAST Chance

If fraud in the 2022 elections fails (a big IF), and Republicans take Congress, they should impeach Biden or his successor at least 15 times.

In doing so, you don’t undermine the framework of our Constitutional republic. OUR CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC IS GONE. The presence of Biden in the Oval Office proves that. He did not win fair and square. Evidence in support of that claim will not be considered by the Supreme Court, and will not be spoken of in 99 percent of the media.

The only thing left is to attack and undermine the illegitimacy reigning throughout our government and the wider culture. And, at the same time, upholding the Constitutional framework that more complacent types say we must respect by honoring the “presidency” of Joe Biden.


We really picked a bad generation to start a WW III … they can’t even fight anxiety from being called by a wrong pronoun.


Without America, there is no “Free World”! Think long and hard about that! Save America!

This is the USA. There is NO ONE coming to our rescue if things go sideways. NO ONE will be resupplying us. NO ONE will airdrop food, ammunition, medicine. There is NO PLACE to escape to for freedom.

This is it!




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