Freedom: A Birthright, But Not a Guarantee

Back when the Patriot Act was passed, people like us tried to warn you: If the federal government can do whatever it wants to you in the name of “fighting terrorism”, then the federal government can do whatever it wants to you in the name of anything else.

When COVID fascism broke out, people like us tried to warn you: “This will go on forever.” Now, into year three, we’re trying to warn you again: “If the government can do whatever it wants in the name of fighting a virus (even an overwhelmingly nonlethal one), then the federal government will literally get away with anything.”

Election fraud, forced vaccinations with experimental drugs and no liability whatsoever for the companies making millions off it, brazen deceit, deliberately induced inflation, elimination of our country’s borders and destruction of the energy supply … are you convinced YET?

With Canadians unable to support political opposition or dissension without having their bank accounts frozen and their dogs seized and murdered, we’re also trying to warn you: “If it can happen up there, it can certainly happen here.” Most in America don’t seem to care all that much about what happened in Canada, and the leftists in America — who control all of education and media, and all of the federal government — have expressed total approval of these measures. They want the same here, and more.

You think concentration camps or some equivalent cannot and will never come to America? What’s to stop them? Certainly no mass opposition. Certainly not the media, the schools or the courts. What’s to stop them? Why would they not try such a thing? They’re all sociopaths and psychopaths, with unlimited power, people you would never let near your own children.

Freedom may be a birthright. But it’s not a guarantee. Throughout human history, the norm has been for freedom to be brutally and thoroughly violated. The United States of America, for a couple of shining centuries, showed that trend could be reversed.

But now millions of us sit here and either (1) applaud tyranny, demanding more (the 30-40 percent who still support Biden); or (2) complacently sigh, “Well, it can’t happen here. This is America. We’ll always be free.” Trump will rescue us. Or someone else will. But we can sit passively and wait because, after all, we are destined to be free.

No. We’re not destined to be anything other than what our choices give us.




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