Do Bidenistas Want WWW III? Of Course They Do!

Biden and the people he works for — the organized criminal cartel that used to be the American government — have every interest in World War III, whether triggered by Ukraine and Russia, or anyone else.

Biden’s regime is in the trash. In poll after poll conducted by Communist media, only a third of the country supports his policies of literal destruction of the American economy. Probably fewer than a third actually support the demented miscreant puppet figurehead.

Replacing Biden with the dimwitted Kamala Harris will do nothing. Replacing him with Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi or Michelle Obama would do nothing, because their regimes would fail in the same way and for the same reasons. Disastrous policies can’t lead to success. Moreover, they don’t WANT success. For whatever reasons, they clearly want to destroy the United States.

Getting involved in the Russia-Ukraine conflict would distract Americans from the disaster that our own country is becoming and help ensure they stay in charge. The only questions are: (1) Where will they get the troops for a conventional war? and (2) What will they do if Russia goes nuclear? Certainly, they would not care about the loss of life. They would care about the environmental catastrophe — in other words, the effect of nuclear weapons on birds, trees, mountains and insects.

None of this is “conspiracy theory.” It’s all based on the available facts. It’s all based on 100 percent of the actions of leftists in power every single day. From COVID fascism to deliberately inflationary policy to shutting down oil production in the United States — we know the Biden regime and all who support it (including the media) are every bit as much the bad guys as, say, the Nazis from the 1940s would have been, had they WON WW II and begun to occupy the United States. Biden is a demented incompetent, but he’s the puppet for people who clearly want us all impoverished and probably, ultimately, dead. If you were an enemy of the United States, you’d want most Americans weakened or killed, too.

So World War III is a no-brainer in this context. Of course they want it. It’s only a matter of strategy and selling it to a mass population foolish enough to believe everything they were told about COVID. If recent history is any guide, selling the idea of “patriotism” in defense of a conventional World War III including, but not limited to, the drafting of snowflakes to fight for us should be a breeze.




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