Meta/Facebook and Putin: A Plague On Both Your Houses

It’s amusing to hear of Russia banning and declaring Meta/Facbook “extremist,” and therefore illegal.

Facebook does exactly the same thing, and now it’s being done to them. Facebook, as we all know, labels as “hate speech” any speech that it hates — particularly anything conservative, liberty-oriented or remotely rational.

Will Putin’s condemnation and censorship affect the censoring, moralistic narcissists and sociopaths running and working for Facebook? Not a chance.

Neither Facebook nor Putin care about what’s true. They only care about what serves their narratives. If you think about it, they’re exactly the same. Facebook cares about censoring objective truth, and only advancing facts (or falsehoods) that advance their particular socialistic, Communistic, fascist “woke” narrative. Putin likewise cares about censoring objective truth, only advancing facts (or falsehoods) that advance HIS particular fascist, power-hungry narrative.

Psychologically and with regard to objective knowledge, Meta and Putin are one and the same.

The only difference is that Putin is a fascist government, and Meta is a fascist, leftist-supported company. And Meta has got way, way more money than Putin.

Let the two dictators destroy each other. I really don’t care. I’m on the side of truth and freedom. Neither Facebook nor Putin care an iota for either. I’d love to see them BOTH go down. And hard.

The world will be a better place without them.




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