The Drip-Drip-Drip of Tyranny

The thing about tyranny? It’s the drip-drip-drip mentality.

They get you bit by bit. That’s how an annoying, overreaching government suddenly becomes a totalitarian dictatorship. Seemingly overnight.

For example: In my current home state of Delaware, the mask mandate was reinstated last month. No real reason was given. People assumed it was Omicron. But the numbers for Omicron are way, way down. Still no mention of getting rid of it. Most likely, the mask mandate will remain for the summer season, when people crowd into a beach resort and officials can’t be accused of letting a virus spread. What if there is no virus? “Well, there COULD be!” And it’s an election year (not that Delaware’s elections aren’t already rigged.)

When the original mask mandate was lifted back in spring of 2021, even people who supported it said, “Well, that’s that. It won’t be back. And I’d be really angry, if the mask mandate ever came back.” For the first few days when the mask mandate inexplicably returned in January 2022, a lot of people were angry. And then the anger soon converted into, “Well, hopefully by the spring or summer they’ll lift it again.” Please master. Show me some mercy. Whatever you say, master. Does anybody know when or if the mandate will be lifted again? Do the tyrants in the state capital even know? Not likely. They’re just going from whim to whim; because that’s what politics and tyranny are. They are not smart people, and they are not good people. They are simply power-driven people.

Similarly, a bill has been quietly introduced in the Delaware state legislature to make the presentation of a fake vax passport a felony. But Delaware does not have a vax passport. Nobody in the state has one. So why introduce a bill making a vax passport a felony? The legislator introducing it is a crony of Biden and the state’s unrelentingly partisan governor. There has to be a reason for introducing a bill managing a vax passport not in effect. “Well,” people say. “I don’t think they’ll go THAT far.” If they DO go that far, a lot of people will be really angry. And then they’ll get used to it, saying that maybe it won’t be permanent. Drip, drip, drip.

If a totalitarian, “show your papers, wear a mask forever” government had been presented all at once, you would have experienced outrage from probably two-thirds of the population, even in a deep blue state like Delaware. But when you present it drip by drip by drip, you hypnotize people, in a sense, to tolerating what just a year or two before would have been unthinkable and intolerable.

It’s nothing new. Dictators have done this for centuries. Dictators began in earnest in the 20th Century. Mao was brilliant at in China, instituting a Cultural Revolution to override any political opposition — precisely what’s happening in America right now. America heroically fought off those dictatorships in World War II and the Cold War only to succumb themselves, starting in earnest in 2020 and continuing undisturbed at the present time. Sure, some states are worse than others. But the governors and legislators running the deep blue states are fully in charge of the federal government, at present. Sooner or later, the federal government WILL launch attacks on the red states for not conforming to the only real Party in charge, and it will be up to those states either to fight — or submit. And, as our experience with President Trump taught us, the Deep State bureaucracy is firmly entrenched with the same people who run the deep blue states. And those entrenched fascists/Communists will be there in the unlikely event that a Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis wins the presidency in 2024 AND the Deep State allows it to happen. My guess is they will NEVER allow 2016 to happen again, especially after their huge success in 2020.

Increasingly, I see no way out of this other than secession or breaking up of some kind. The Bill of Rights is no longer in operation in the federal Imperial City. Frankly, it wasn’t in operation even when Donald Trump seemed to be in charge. We can try the Convention of States, and a principled stand would probably be practical and important. But let’s face it. We’re dealing with the worst dictators (at the very least) since the time of Hitler and Stalin and Mao. These people are ruthless, dishonest, and literally care nothing about anyone or anything other than their own power. They are also ideologically rigid, on top of it. They are the worst of all possible worlds — Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Castro’s Cuba, Mussolini’s Italy and the fall of the Roman Empire all rolled up into one unspeakably nasty, stinking hybrid of horror. Most don’t yet grasp just how evil they are.

They are immovable, in the worst sense of that term. We are already in a civil war. It’s just not obvious to most, at the moment; but before long, unless 100 percent of us roll over 100 percent, it’s going to be pretty obvious.



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