Rational Thoughts in an Era of Tyranny and Insanity

Whoopi Goldberg got a 2 week suspension. A non-leftist would be greeted with an FBI SWAT team, held without due process, silenced by the fascist corporate media and fired from all future jobs.

On top of it all: She won’t learn a thing, and she does not care.

Maybe the problem isn’t what Whoopi Goldberg said about the Holocaust and Jews. Maybe the problem is that too many of us CARE what she says.


CNN’s president is stepping down in “disgrace,” according to Fox News, for an improper relationship with a co-worker.

How can a President of CNN “resign in disgrace”? Sociopathic liars are incapable of disgrace. He will be on to the next crime.


“The true source of our suffering has been our timidity. We have been afraid to think … Let us dare to read, think, speak and write.”

— John Adams

In 1776, for sure. In 2022? Not so much.


Science and government are opposites. Science means thinking, proof and inquiry. Government means emotions, force, censorship and conformity. No remote connection!


We should make mask and vax mandates a FELONY. Teachers and school officials who mask children should be tried as child molesters. It’s time to STOP BEING NICE.




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