Jordan Peterson, The Collapse of Academia, A Demented Creep Goes to War & Other Horrors

From my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and GETTR posts of the last 24 hours.

Can a “commander in chief” with a 33 percent approval rating make himself popular by starting a war of no interest to Americans?


Why does freedom for Ukraine matter so much, while freedom for Americans doesn’t matter at all?


Even swamp thing OSHA has more respect for the Supreme Court’s ruling on vax mandate than Biden and his fellow thugs. Impeach Bidenistas, and then arrest them.


Putin is an evil tyrant, but he’s far away. The Biden regime is full of evil tyrants, and they are at our front doors.


Wanting to control other people’s bodies with masks and vax mandates is sick. Using police and armies to force your will on them is EVIL.


If the world has gone mad — and it plainly has — then, to figure out the cause, you must start in academia. They have been at this for decades, since at least the 1960s. And Jordan Peterson has been up close and personal at the scene of the crime.

Two samples from this great article:

“…Wait until you get a load of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) scores . Purporting to assess corporate moral responsibility, these scores, which can dramatically affect an enterprise’s financial viability, are nothing less than the equivalent of China’s damnable social credit system, applied to the entrepreneurial and financial world. CEOs: what in the world is wrong with you? Can’t you see that the ideologues who push such appalling nonsense are driven by an agenda that is not only absolutely antithetical to your free-market enterprise, as such, but precisely targeted at the freedoms that made your success possible? Can’t you see that by going along, sheep-like (just as the professors are doing; just as the artists and writers are doing) that you are generating a veritable fifth column within your businesses? Are you really so blind, cowed and cowardly? With all your so-called privilege?”

And: “the accrediting boards for graduate clinical psychology training programs in Canada are now planning to refuse to accredit university clinical programs unless they have a “social justice” orientation. That, combined with some recent legislative changes in Canada, claiming to outlaw so-called “conversion therapy” (but really making it exceedingly risky for clinicians to do anything ever but agree always and about everything with their clients) have likely doomed the practice of clinical psychology, which always depended entirely on trust and privacy. Similar moves are afoot in other professional disciplines, such as medicine and law. And if you don’t think that psychologists, lawyers and other professionals are anything but terrified of their now woke governing professional colleges, much to everyone’s extreme detriment, you simply don’t understand how far this has all gone.”




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