Biden: A Pitiful, Petty and Ultimately Unimportant Tyrant

Biden and his bosses (since he’s a puppet) seem to think they can turn him into a Trumanesque figure by making him come across as mean. I think he really is mean, a corrupt shell of where an actual human soul might have been. But regardless: mean is not strong. Biden is not Truman. Even Republicans could respect Harry Truman for making the toughest decision ever to save the world from tyranny. Biden is a tyrant, but he’s such a pitiful, petty and ultimately unimportant one.

When I look at him, I don’t see a true existential threat. I see a train wreck of a country, the irredeemably stupid, ignorant people who put him in power along with the corrupt cabal of legalized mobsters in office and media who prop him up. It’s truly heartbreaking. Our country is filled with untold millions of great minds, character and talents — individuals whose lives and potentiality may be wiped out forever if we permit these nasty charlatans like Biden to keep doing what they’re doing.

“Biden cursing out [Peter] Doocy is just the latest example of his ‘terrible temper’,” says a Fox News story.
No, it’s not just a temper. That’s an excuse. Biden’s outburst reflects the psychology of someone who has never been questioned about anything, and feels entitled not to be questioned, ever.

It’s the same mentality of any tyrant.

It won’t hurt Biden with his supporters. They are tyrants too. To them, Biden’s response makes total intuitive sense.




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