Increasingly, There Are No Words

A vaccination is a medical intervention that PREVENTS an illness. If you take a vaccination, and you never get the illness — as in a smallpox vaccination — then the vaccination was successful. If you take a vaccination — actually two vaccinations, plus two boosters — and you STILL get the illness, then the vaccination was a failure. It was ineffective. More research will be needed.

Imagine, if with any other product or service (medical or otherwise), people were morally shamed and legally coerced into utilizing, taking or purchasing that product — in spite of the fact that the product was not effective as advertised. In any other case, the manufacturers would be sued and the federal government would use its full force to outlaw the product.

In today’s scenario, the exact opposite is true. With this one product, you are forced to use it. You are coerced to put it into your body (and your child’s or infant’s body) at the price of losing your income, your livelihood or your ability to do just about anything else required to survive and flourish in life — go to the store, the movies, fly on a plane, etc. Failing that, you are morally ground into the dust by everything and everyone for daring even to question whether the vaccine might or might not be the best idea for you at the present time. This very post you’re reading probably will not be on social media in another 18-24 hours.

Imagine an ineffective product — a car that stops running after 10,000 miles, or a computer that only works for two weeks — whose ineffectiveness is blamed on THE FACT THAT NOT EVERYONE BOUGHT IT. The irrationality of such a context is too absurd to contemplate. Yet that’s the hideous reality in which we now live.

None of this is sane. None of this is justified. None of this is rational, benevolent or civilized. It’s a grotesque perversion of medical science to call anything remotely like these behaviors and attitudes “scientific.” It’s an obscenity, quite frankly, so amazingly wrong and bad that it brings to mind the worst moments of Maoist China and Hitler’s Germany … or perhaps the Middle Ages, where waves of collective madness reportedly swept entire towns.

Increasingly, there are no words. All the sane — vaccinated or not — can do is ponder, remain stunned and keep their quiet horror to themselves, since speaking out seems to do little good against a tidal wave of unprecendented madness.

These times are not for the weak of heart. Nor for the sane of mind.



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