It’s Not “Pessimism” to Say Freedom & Tyranny are Incompatible

Is it right to be optimistic or pessimistic about what’s happening to our country? I don’t think that’s the right question. There are reasons to be positive as well as negative, just based on all the known facts.

I do know this: The country as we know it is too divided to unite, sadly. Millions, almost half, don’t want a free country. Well, they want freedom for themselves, but not for anyone who thinks differently, and that’s not sustainable. Humans have free will and nobody can predict future choices, but I don’t see how you reconcile the literal totalitarianism being promoted and acted on daily by leftists with anything like the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights. I am not pessimistic about what freedom can accomplish. I am a raging optimist on that point. But I am pessimistic about the incompatibility of tyranny and freedom. The two cannot peacefully coexist.


“How can we achieve real consensus on the issues that matter most if only some voters can be heard,” Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock whined in a plea to Republicans.

Yes, I agree. If early morning data dumps, subjective mail-in voting and the refusal to require voter IDs so illegals may vote are to become the law of the land, then how can we gain “consensus” since only the votes of people voting Democratic count? Oh, I forgot. Consensus is not your goal. Unlimited, one-party rule is.


Facebook & Twitter are doing what the Biden regime wants them to do. They are not operating as private companies. They are wings of the government, imposing censorship.

This is war, and fascist social media giants are part of the enemy camp.



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