Austin TX Illegally Chokes Its Children

“It’s hard enough to keep little kids wearing one mask, how are we supposed to keep them wearing two at a time?” said the parent, speaking on condition of anonymity. “Where does this stop? Are three masks next? These poor kids just want to learn and see their friends, they don’t deserve to be pawns in the Left’s agenda.” Father of a child in Austin, Texas, school district. The schools now have DOUBLE mask mandates in defiance of Texas Governor’s order to end mask mandates. [Quote source is the Daily Wire]

My answer is still the same: DEFUND the schools. They aren’t schools, especially any longer. They are indoctrination camps run by deranged if not evil psychopaths.

Note that Austin, Texas is filled with California refugees–turning that part of Texas into the very place they just fled.

Why doesn’t the Texas Governor arrest all Austin, TX school officials for choking children with double masks? Republicans will never win until they start FIGHTING BACK.



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