How Far Will Leftist Rulers Go in Destroying the Lives of 100 Million Unvaccinated?

If they can order that you show your vax papers, why not your whole medical file? Or your voting history? If all it takes is the pen of a fascist, then why do we still call ourselves a free country?

333 million Americans. 30 percent still unvaccinated. That’s about 100 million. Probably a lot more than that when you consider the people not “fully vaccinated” or not getting booster shots (I talk to people in those categories daily.)

Let’s say 100 million, just to be conservative. Hitler slaughtered 6 million. Stalin killed 20 million.

The tyrants of our one-party Establishment (minus Florida and maybe Texas) have stopped at nothing to force people to get vaxed. They have shamed, demoralized, threatened, marginalized and made it impossible for 100 million people to make a living. Taking away a person’s livelihood–isn’t that like starving them?

In principle, how are today’s Bidenistas, Faucifascists, Karens and other tyrants any better than the Nazis and Communists of the last century? How far do you think they will go?

Leftists are playing with fire. When you gradually enslave a previously free people, they eventually wake up — and millions will not be placid. Millions are already very, very angry — more than most of them will show. Watch yourselves, Democrats. You would do well to lay off the fraud and not tamper with the upcoming two election cycles. Leave these millions free to express their rage that way.

Of course, we know tyrants will not listen. Tyrants are not wise. They fail to see that when you take away a man’s freedom, you place him in a position where he has nothing to lose. It’s not smart.

Latest headline: Fauci Says U.S. Should Consider Vaccine Mandates for Domestic Air Travel. This is what he does. He makes a bold staement about some new violation of liberty. Then he walks it back. Then a week or two later, Biden signs the order. When a court shoots it down, the court order is ignored. This is how our new dictatorship works.

I told you: they are not going to stop. America is an occupied country. No different than if a foreign enemy had invaded. Fauci is not a government official. He’s an open enemy of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. As are Biden and the whole gang.

Clear your minds, and face the stark facts. This is not going to get better on its own, I am sorry to say.



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