Empty Shelves Aren’t Supposed to Happen in A Free Country

As Biden laughs at us: “Pharmacies are reportedly running out of important prescription medications, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) shows there are about 111 drugs on backorder – including heart medications, antibiotics and cancer drugs.” [Fox Business]

Empty shelves have become normal in America. This was NEVER the case. It was normal under Soviet and Maoist Communism, and it’s normal in Venezuela, Cuba and North Korea today. Ask yourself: Why is this happening in a free country? Or are we no longer a free country? It’s not the “pandemic” that did this. It was our transition to a partial command-and-control, largely government-run economy. Biden voters and all Democrats: What happens when you can’t get the medications you might need to survive? Why do you loathe capitalism and freedom so much that you’ll give up your health and life?



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