The Problem With Socialism Almost Nobody Considers

The problem with socialism? It’s based on self-sacrifice. When self-sacrifice becomes the law of the land, people stop producing. Why? Because there’s no incentive. You can’t keep your profits. What’s the point of doing something great, innovative or productive if there’s nothing in it for you? Also, without profits, you cannot build capital and expand your production. So productivity stops. Suddenly, there’s nothing to buy, sell or trade. If there are no profits, there’s no wealth. There are no jobs. There’s nothing to spend money on. The government freaks out and starts generating more currency — which devalues the money. Jobs start to disappear because again, there’s nothing to produce. The surplus of material goods we take for granted in capitalist societies dwindles and eventually disappears.

America has been inching this way for decades. But now ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING we’re doing is socialist, Marxist, fascist. And you see what’s happening: inflation, supply chain breakdowns. America has a much longer way to fall than poor countries that become socialist. But the same thing will happen to us, on our present course. Our lives are going to change and difficult, personal dilemmas are going to confront us. I don’t know if it’s too late to reverse course or not. But I don’t trust Republicans to reverse course for us, and I don’t trust elections to deliver us authentic results. If you do, then I hope you’re right. But almost all of the evidence points in the other direction. We are being destroyed like an occupied country is being destroyed. Socialism is the wrecking ball. Freedom — the economic freedom of unfettered capitalism, and the inalienable individual rights of our Constitution — is the only thing that can save us. Will anyone who really means it come to our defense? Are we willing to do what’s required to save ourselves?



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