The Creepy Mass Psychology of Vaccine-Crazed America

“Sixty percent of vaccinated individuals say they are banning unvaccinated family members from seasonal festivities, according to study released Saturday by One Poll.

A slightly higher number, 63%, said they are not comfortable having unvaccinated relatives at their parties.” [reported by Newsmax]

I find this astonishing. If you feel compelled to get a vaccination because you believe it keeps you safe, then why do you suddenly feel UNSAFE the moment you learn another in your presence is not vaccinated? If the vaccine does not help you enough to protect you from an unvaccinated person, THEN HOW IS FORCING THAT PERSON TO GET VACCINATED GOING TO HELP YOU?

It’s mass hysteria of the first order. I would be appalled if 25 percent, or even 10 percent, of people felt this way. But when you consider that two-thirds of the population are this irrational and brainwashed beyond all redemption, it makes me tremble for the future. Actually, it makes me tremble for the present.

Otherwise sane, often highly capable and sometimes even very likable individuals buy into this brazen “1 plus 1 equals 3” kind of mentality. THAT’S the most disturbing part.

The issue is deeper than politics. We’re talking about the core sanity and intellectual honesty of the population. No civilization can carry on with this level of Nazi Germany-like mass delusion. I always knew America had issues; but I didn’t realize two-thirds of us were this far gone. It’s incredibly sad.


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