The American Communist Money Tree

In the Obama era, I used to suggest that the leftists should simply guarantee a million dollars a year to everybody, based on their assumptions that (1) government creates wealth, and (2) the Federal Reserve can electronically “print” as much currency as it wishes with a simple keystroke. I meant it facetiously, to illustrate the insanity of their false premises taken to their only possible conclusion.

Yet today, we see them literally doing that — at least with illegal aliens, who will now reportedly obtain millions (per family!) for being the star political group of the moment. Why not? Money grows on government trees. Victim groups that leftists like deserve lots of money. So create that money out of thin air (because we’re way, way past the point of repaying any national debt, even ten generations from now). Make sure only to give that money to leftists and victim groups liked by leftists. Everyone else can rot in jail. #NotMyDictatorship



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