Biden’s Popularity is 30 Percent (or Less); But do DemComs Have to Care?

Not only has Joe Biden’s approval rating fallen to just 42%, but 71% of Americans – and even half of Democrats – say the country is headed in the wrong direction, according to the latest NBC News poll [reported at NEWSMAX].

Remember, polls from corporate socialist media companies like NBC are deliberately skewed to favor their party. NBC is essentially a spokesman for the Biden regime and all things leftist. Clearly, something is deeply wrong with the 30 percent (or perhaps it’s closer to 20-25 percent) who think the country is on the right track.

The only question is: Will Democrats have to care? They have already mastered the art and science of voter fraud — fueled mostly by mail-in voting, which is here to stay — in borderline states. Will they be able to pull it off when their party gets 5 or 10 points behind even in borderline states? The results in California’s recall election are not promising. It’s no surprise that Newsom was not recalled; but he was kept in office by such an overwhelming majority that it seems implausible even by California standards, especially when millions in the state actually demanded his recall. The lesson of California is not only that California is a one-party state forever (we already knew that) … but it will be a decisively, massively one-party state forever. That’s probably due to voter fraud.

So it remains to be seen if states like Virginia and New Jersey show us anything different. If Republicans actually manage to squeak by in those states this Tuesday, then it will show how horrifically unpopular Biden and his party have become. That would be good news. But if it goes the way a lot of us fear it will go — then it will send a chill down our spines as we must increasingly come to terms with the fact that the fix is in … possibly for good.

Remember, we’re supposedly talking about an election this Tuesday. With mail-in voting, those elections are mostly finished. This gives cheaters the chance to slant things their way. DemComs are not afraid of cheating. They practically brag about it, as criminals who get away with their evil routinely do. Republicans won’t be cheating, and probably couldn’t succeed at cheating if they tried. Virginia and New Jersey are controlled by DemComs. So we have to keep in mind the reality that “voting” has become, since COVID-19 rewrote the entire Constitution right before our eyes.



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