Twitter’s Dorsey: The Face of Evil

“Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Issues Dire Warning About Economy As Inflation Soars Under Biden” [Daily Wire headline]

OK, he’s right that hyperinflation (50 percent price increases per month) is a concern. However, Dorsey is a supporter of America’s Marxist movement, the Democratic Party. His company openly silences dissent from dissidents who challenge his embrace of total statism.

Hyperinflation occurs when the government enacts massive and abrupt spending (via central banking) after a government takeover of most economic activity, which happened in 2020-21. We are getting the exact policies that Dorsey, as a Communist, wants. Being as wealthy as he is, he can absorb the massive price increases that he correctly predicts most people can’t. Is he so riddled with psychopathology that he’s giddy over the prospect? What a truly demonic, soulless monster.



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