Neil Cavuto: Fake News at its Fakest

Sunday on “MediaBuzz,” Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto urged those who have not yet been vaccinated against COVID to do so for “those around you.”

Here’s the thing about Neil Cavuto. I watched FoxBusiness for election returns on Election night, 2020. Trump was ahead or tied in all of the swing states. After midnight, Trump looked like he was on his way to a repeat of his 2016 victory (at a minimum), according to Cavuto as well as others observing the returns as they came in. Suddenly, the lights went off in the swing states. Election officials in these critical, Democrat-run states said, in essence (and in unison), “We’ll get back to you on this.” The next morning, we woke up to find that Biden has suddenly won the election, with tiny margins in the very swing states where the lights went off as Trump was on his way to victory.

By itself, this may not prove election fraud. But it certainly suggests fraud, and nobody from the Supreme Court on down will allow us even to consider it (to say nothing of additional evidence available). My point here: Cavuto said, at that crucial moment, that he had been covering presidential elections for decades, and had never seen anything like this happen before. (Neither had I, who had been watching presidential election returns for decades). Cavuto made the only observation any honest observer could be expected to make: What the hell is going on here?

In the days and weeks that followed, Cavuto suppressed his questions and began to denounce Trump, his supporters and anyone who wonders about what happened on election night. That was, obviously, an easy route for him to take. But NOW we’re supposed to take HIS word for it — as an already established liar, just another dishonest media scumbag — that we should take the government-ordered jab because HE says it’s good for us? And we should do it for the sake of our neighbors? A socialist lecture from a guy who claimed to be a Republican, and who is worse than the worst of the RINOs?

We truly live in pernicious times. Even the ones who seem like the good guys are not the good guys. But then again, this is how it works in dictatorships. Cavuto is the worst kind of scum. We have all met at least one person like him. He acts the part of a reasonable, decent chap who has personally suffered in his life through illness. And when the time comes for integrity, he caves — giving the bad guys a credibility they could never have attained on their own. Disgusting beyond words, but (sadly) not beyond belief.



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