Will the Moronic Monster Ever be Accountable?

At what point do we start to hold this moronic monster responsible — morally and even legally — for the horrendous damage he is doing to human civilization? He is gleefully and willfully obliterating our individual rights and destroying our lives, our property, our currency, our economic system and our Constitution with an unapologetic gusto never before seen in America. Not just him, but all the people he answers to, and all the citizens who actually still support him — will they be held accountable?

Biden may not look as scary as Hitler or Stalin, but his actions, and the actions of his lawless, executive order-driven regime, will lead to the exact same results, or even worse. And we are only 9 months into this nightmare. Look at the empty shelves in your stores, something never before seen in this nation, and don’t say you weren’t warned.



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