There Are No Closeted Leftists … Only Closeted Freedom-Lovers

So many more business owners support a free country and oppose the insanity of “woke” socialism than I can begin to name. I literally know dozens and dozens, for whom pro-freedom “right wing” posts, blogs, books and podcasts (they tell me) are a guilty secret. Note there are NO closeted left-wingers. None. Anywhere.

Lovers of the Constitution, capitalism and individual rights must be the most closeted majority in the history of humankind. Understandably, they hesitate to speak out because they don’t want to turn off customers who might not agree. Typically, they sell products or services (e.g. restaurants, retail) that have nothing to do with politics. Large corporations have no problem declaring their political views, at least not when they’re woke. They know they will get government protection and subsidies.

In a free country, business and politics would be separate. But we now live in a woke, early stage Communist America. It’s simply a fact. Communists make everything political. They force you to pick a side. If only the millions who oppose the Bidenista American Marxist side could come out of the closet at one time. What a magnificent moment that would be!



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