Wake Up and Smell the Tyranny

According to a poll described at Breitbart News, a majority of Trump voters (i.e., Republicans) want red (Republican) states to secede from blue (Democratic) states.

Agree or disagree, it’s more evidence that the United States as we once knew it is completely unsustainable. America’s Communists will not let go peacefully. Also, the red portions of blue states need liberation from one-party tyranny, too.

One reader objects: “If red and blue states do split, they will both create tariffs and limit imports. That is a major loss in a country that does not have intrastate tariffs.

My reply: I agree. But if the choice is one Party totalitarian dictatorship vs a loss of that sort, what choice is there? Secession is not a solution, because it will almost certainly lead to war. But the kind of government and policies now being established by Bidenistas are not survivable.

Another reader also objects: “China would love to have the left coast. Do you really want that to happen? Letting the country split up is about as stupid as impeaching Biden.”

My reply: Enjoy your dictatorship. What you call the USA is now essentially a former republic occupied by a paid hack for the Chinese government. Biden is doing what the Chinese would have done had they invaded: decimating our military, our economy and our rights. As things continue to play out, you will find the United States is mostly an abstraction. Secession may not be a rational answer, but neither is tolerating the one party monstrosity perpetrated after the events of 2020. Wake up and smell the tyranny.



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