Intellectual Intolerance Breeds Tyranny … As We’re Seeing

A meme states: “Scientists have discovered that hearing opposing viewpoints causes no real harm.”

I agree. I hear opposing viewpoints almost constantly. The media, the corporations, the intellectual culture, my own mental health profession — they are almost uniformly statist, subjectivitist and anti-reason, anti-liberty. My views are the reverse. I wish people on the opposite side of these issues would consider opposing views. Or even tolerate them. We live in a highly irrational, anti-intellectual time.

An opposing viewpoint can never do harm — by the mere fact that it’s uttered. ACTING on toxic or irrational ideas can do great harm. Acting on the premises of socialism and Communism will destroy civilization and starve/impoverish most of the population. Ideas have consequences. However, the mere uttering of socialist ideas is not a problem. We can have a free society and have stupid ideas uttered. The problem is when mass numbers fall for bad, mistaken ideas. Today it’s not just socialism, but it’s the Green religion, COVID fascism, subjectivism, the imbecility of cultural wokeness — the stupidity is relentless and everywhere. Many people (most?) are apparantly now ignorant and stupid. That’s why civilization is faltering.



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