If You Think COVID Fascism is Bad, Just Wait for Green Fascism

COVID was a great dry run for a Green dictatorship. Under a Green dictatorship, you will first be shamed, and eventually forced, into sacrificing for your fellow man. With COVID you’re told you MUST vaccinate; if not, you’re hurting your fellow man (even though your fellow man is presumably safe, having been vaccinated himself.)

Under a Green dictatorship, you’ll be told you’re harming the planet if you drive a car, and you’re harming your fellow man, too, through fostering climate change (a part of nature for billions of years). Or you’re harming your fellow man if you use fossil fuels, or make any carbon footprint at all. At first you’ll be shamed, and eventually you may be fined or jailed. They’ll primarily make it economic. Just as you currenly lose your job and income (i.e., you starve) if you don’t get the vax, you’ll find it impossible to pay for gas at $50 or $100 a gallon, or pay heat/ac fuel bills at $1000 or $5000 a month.

Economic control will be the new gulag, though the end result will be exactly the same: loss of freedom. And most of it will be done without firing a shot. Why? Because of neurotic, unearned guilt. Your media, your professors, your Presidents and Governors (none of whom will be practicing the Green religion, by the way) will SHAME you into compliance. How well will that work? Just look at how well COVID shaming works. You have your answer. And, believe me: the tyrants have theirs. Your compliance has not gone unnoticed.



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