Who Are the ACTUAL Domestic Terrorists?

If everything connected to January 6 qualifies as “domestic terrorism”, then doesn’t domestic terrorism ALSO consist of:


Locking down citizens due to a flu outbreak for 18 months and counting;

Denying small businesses their rights while giving politically connected, huge corporations unlimited rights for political loyalty;

Forcing people to be vaccinated with an experimental, mostly untested treatment;

Suffocating and spreading germs among helpless minors by forcing them to wear masks and refusing to let their parents have any say in it;

Imposing confiscatory tax rates for the sole purpose of wealth redistribution and rewarding pressure groups;

Abusing the sacred power of the U.S. military by tolerating treasonous, illegal behavior in its top generals so long as that behavior serves the political interests of the party seeking to gain and hold onto power;

Committing election fraud in plain daylight, and then lying about it, and then attempting to codify that fraud into law, transforming a representative republic into a one-party dictatorship overnight.


If January 6 really constitutes “domestic terrorism” then why the hell do THESE behaviors not?



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