Under Medical and Other Tyranny, America’s Atlases Will Shrug

Daily, I talk to people who are exiting their jobs or careers because of Biden’s obscene and unconstitutional vaccine mandate: Nurses, highly intelligent computer programmers (for defense contracting companies), doctors, surgeons and others. New York state implemented the mandate months ago and as a result New York hospitals are losing doctors and nurses, to the point where heart surgery, cancer treatment and other medical interventions are being delayed. This will soon be all of America, as the malignancy of Biden’s order spreads.

Is THIS really making America safer? Is it really about safety, or something else? We’re now, on top of everything else, experiencing a brain drain. Because, contrary to what smug and self-righteous supporters of this vaccine mandate claim, the real brains are the people who refuse to succumb to government edicts on principle. It’s not even about the vaccine. You can debate the pros and cons of taking a vaccine about which very little is yet known. What’s not debatable is the right to choose. The people with the spine and integrity to stand up to our totalitarian government — because that’s what our government now is — are by definition the best and the brightest; they have the brains to actually offer something, and they don’t want their sovereignty over their own bodies and MINDS obliterated by hack politicians. The smartest and morally best are exiting. Atlas is shrugging. Let’s see how it all works out for you, snowflakes.



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