Is Milley a Traitor?

The Milley Principle: If a top general doesn’t like the duly elected Commander-in-Chief, then that general gets to be Commander-in-Chief. He gets to secretly call foreign governments, tell them whether we’re going to invade their countries or not, and override the President of the United States on military and diplomatic matters. WOW. This surpasses Benedict Arnold as the greatest traitor in American history.

Is General Milley a traitor? Self-evidently so. UNLESS you’re a DemCom. If you’re a DemCom supporter, then the Chinese government is not only our ally — it’s our government. The Chinese government and the party controlling the White House and Congress are one and the same. Ideologically, as well as financially (i.e., the bought-and-sold Biden crime family): there’s no difference. In effect, we are an occupied country. In that context, Milley is the perfect head of the military. If you still subscribe to the Bill of Rights and assume we’re still a Constitutional republic, then of course he should be treated as any traitor should be treated.

Will he be treated as such under a Biden regime? NOT A CHANCE.



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