In the Fight Against DemComs, Take Inspiration from Larry Elder

“We May Have Lost the Battle, but We Are Going to Win the War,” says Larry Elder. God bless ‘im. But with DemComs, there’s no negotiating. This victory in California will empower them more. They WILL turn the entire country into California, and watch for their tactics of intimidation, coercion and mandates to intensify. With DemComs, it’s 100 percent submission — or nothing. Masks, vaccinations, redistribution of wealth … they are just getting started. You can forget any future recalls in California. You can forget anyone other than a Demcom as Governor in that state, ever again.

Regardless, there are now two types of people in America: Those who wish to be free; and those who wish to live under the totalitarian rule of DemComs, and to force others to do so with them. You’re either with them, or against them. If you doubt me, try having a debate with a DemCom friend or relative about masks, vaccine mandates or anything else. They actually consider it a violation of their inalienable rights to coexist on a planet with anyone who does not share their views, and comply with the edicts they consider valid and just. Larry Elder made a courageous choice by running in a hopelessly corrupt state populated with ignorant imbeciles (with apologies to the rational exceptions who live in that beautiful state.) In our own lives, we must start coming out of the closet and stand up to this bullying, totalitarian fascism spreading east from California.


Note: My appreciation to excellent radio host Jake Smith from in southern Delaware for the label “DemComs.” I got it from him.

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