As Biden Eats Ice Cream, Hyperinflation Prepares to Devour the 99 Percent

In the 1970s, double digit inflation led to unpopular politicians. We went back and forth between Republican and Democratic presidents. Nixon botched inflation; Ford made it worse, and offered nothing but “Whip Inflation Now” buttons; Jimmy Carter made it still worse, and under his term the economy spiraled out of control. Finally we got Reagan, who, along with the Federal Reserve, took some difficult steps (including a nasty recession in 1982), but starting in 1983 the double digit inflation never returned. Until now.

Today it’s different. Inflation is not going away; but neither will the one party in power. Most at the top of our one party are multi-billionaires. They don’t have to worry about inflation. But they don’t have to worry about their political futures, either. Biden is ancient and his mind is nearly gone; he won’t be around too long. But Kamala Harris, and his other successors, will be in power as long as we lack the election integrity required to have an honest election where somebody like Donald Trump, or some modern version of a Ronald Reagan, could possibly win. If you’re poor, you will lose your job and live off government handouts. If you’re middle class, or even pretty well off — well, you are s*** out of luck.

And inflation is only one of the very, very serious issues we’re facing. The end of the Second Amendment; the erosion of the First Amendment; widespread irrationality in the cultlure; paranoia; the woke version of racism; self-contradicting and psychopathological medical fascism; all of these things add up, and all of these things matter. Inflation, however, may be the worst thing we face. If it turns into hyperinflation, it will be, by far, the worst thing this nation has ever, ever seen.

Most Americans today under 40 have no clue what even double digit inflation can do. They didn’t live in the 1970s. Nobody alive knows what hyperinflation is like, unless they experienced it in places like Venezuela or Cuba. Imagine $100 becoming worth a penny, overnight. Imagine your entire bank account, your entire life savings, being wiped out. Your $500,000 in stocks and bonds evaporates, because it’s now worth $50. And it happens very quickly. You face starvation. Or, if you can grow your own food, you face poverty inconceivable even to the poorest American. Joe, Dr. Jill and Hunter will never have to worry. Neither will Zuckerberg, Soros, nor any of the others who are doing this to us. Nor will the permanently connected, because in a one-party system, the people who rule in the party are always going to be OK.

Think about that before you vote — assuming voting still matters.



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