Growing Evidence That America’s Differences are Irreconcilable

Robert O’Neill, Navy SEAL credited with killing Osama bin Laden:

“People do need to realize that, you know, as opposed to yelling at each other on social media – there’s an enemy out there that wants to kill all of us. And it doesn’t matter, really doesn’t matter, what you look like – it’s your ideology,” he said. “You don’t believe what they think you should believe and they’re going to kill you.”

Yes: It’s your IDEAS that determine what you feel, and what you do. If you believe that people who disagree with you should be murdered, you are a killer and a terrorist. Similarly, if you believe people who disagree with you should be censored, or lose their jobs, or be forbidden to vote, or fly on airplanes, or walk around without a mask, or go to a doctor — then you are a tyrant.

America was divided before 9/11. The disaster that day provided a superficial and temporary unity. It showed that on a fundamental level, most Americans agreed on most things. We could all oppose the people who knocked down the towers. Today it’s different. Most Americans on one side share fundamentally different views, attitudes and beliefs from Americans on the other. These differences appear to me every bit as irreconcilable as the differences between the terrorists and America back in 2001. The people endorsing what Biden does, and the people who love what Trump stands for.. these differences are as deep and as irreparable as any can be. There’s no resolving them.



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