Dictatorship in America: Full Speed Ahead

If it’s acceptable and legal for Biden to do what he has done, then it’s acceptable and legal for Biden to do the following, on the exact same principle of “protecting public health”: (1) set up vaccination camps, where unvaccinated persons are forcibly taken for vaccination and “health education”; and (2) for agents to be sent to your front door, armed, to force a vaccination on you. And if it’s acceptable to do these things, then it’s acceptable to send you to camps or dispatch armed government thugs to your door for OTHER things.

Remember how in the leadup to the American revolution that British soldiers were quartered in people’s homes, against their will? We are getting awfully close to that now, if we’re not there already.

So even if you have been vaccinated and are happy about that fact, the PRINCIPLE of what Biden has done should scare you to death. Even if you aren’t losing YOUR job or livelihood over this, YOU should still be frightened by what’s occurring. Because you’re now living in a society where the central government may do whatever it wishes — unaccountable, and unchecked in any way — for anything it deems the “common good.” Yes, Facebook and Twitter, Coca Cola and Nike and Walmart and Amazon, that includes you too. For now, you do the government’s bidding happily and cheerfully. But sooner or later, you’re going to butt heads with the regime in power (Biden, or whomever is next); what do you think will happen to YOU then?

Of course, even our present out-of-control regime won’t go this far unless it has to do so. It’s expensive and stressful on a government to send out armed thugs to front doors, or to round people up and send them to camps, whether for “health” and “education” or for any other reason.

Here’s my prediction of what will come next: Receipt of Social Security benfits and Medicare benefits will be conditional upon proof of vaccination status. Watch and see. If my prediction sounds insane to you, then ask yourself if today’s headlines didn’t seem equally insane two weeks ago, or two months ago.

Once the opportunity for dictatorship is taken, dictators tend to go all the way. Biden’s regime is doing so with remarkable focus and speed. Biden, as a person, is notoriously stupid. And he has dementia. Clearly, others are behind it. Those of us still holding out hope for the elections of 2022 and 2024 are way behind the curve.




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